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 Film Making Body of Knowledge (FMBoK®) guide is a sum of  knowledge within the emerging profession of digital film making discipline. It is an effective and economic way of application of film making tools and  techniques right through pre to post production of  film making processes.
® recognizes  the following  areas:
  • Introduction

  • Pre-Production

  • Production

  • Post-Production

Course Contents:

The course covers the following topics:

Part 1: Introduction

1.   A Short History of Filmmaking

2. An Overview of Film Genres

3. Basic Elements of Films and

Part 2: Pre- Production

5. Developing the Script

6. Script Breakdown and Shooting Schedule

7. The Budget

8. Hiring the Cast and Crew

9. Planning the Shoot

Part 3: Production

10 Directing the Crew

11. Directing Actors

12. Shoot the Script(1 to 2 days)

13. Dealing with Production Problems

Part 4: Post-Production

14. Preparing to Edit

15. Editing the Rough Cut

16. Fine-Tuning the Film

17. Finishing the Film or Video

18. Completing Other Post-Production Tasks

Part 5: Marketing/Financing/Distributing your Film

Part 6: Film Festivals

Part 7: Templates for reference


For any further clarification/information about the course,
contact director@iifmchennai.com or Ms. Sangeetha at +91 44 42641401/24359078/42071124.
or Mr. Selvan at +91 9842686509.

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