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Digital Film Making Fast-Track Course- 5 days Workshop

(Become a Certified Film Maker (CFM) in just 5 days)

  The course will be facilitated by a Certified Film Maker from Hollywood Film Institute, Los Angels, USA.

  Digital Film Making has become the most preferred medium of film making today with professional film makers, independent film makers and mavericks as well because of the many attractions the digital film medium offers in terms of small crew size, minimum cost, minimum time and high quality. Another major advantage of digital film making is that the film can be broadcast on movie theaters/ cinema halls or telecast in TVs or can be published on the Internet without going through the hassles of bureaucratic distribution channels.  

This 5 days digital film course is aimed to make the students into film maker in fast tracking mode. 

  • The course will be facilitated by Kollywood film directors/ editors/ cameramen along with Mr. Ari, a Certified Film Producer - Director from Hollywood Film Institute, Los Angeles, USA and has Produced / Directed several digital projects like; Ads, TV Serial, Short-films, Movies/Short Features.

  • OPPORTUNITY as Actors/ Actresses, Asst.Directors, Production Executives, Technicians, Camera Assts, Screenplay writers, Lyricist, etc in the NEXT FEATURE FILM OF IDM UNDER PRODUCTION.

  • Earn 35 PDUs (for PMPs only) Activity#: IIPM06; Applied PM Workshop based on PMBOK - Film Projects.

  • The course would cover all the important aspects of, Complete Film Making like Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production.

  • Also, you will get an opportunity to interact and learn from a couple of famous Cine Personalities, as they share their experience, as a part of the course.

  • More importantly, meritorious selected candidates will get an opportunity to show-case their talents in Acting / Directing / Production / future films / short films / documentations / Cinematography / Editing in IIFM / IDM's next feature film under production.

  • Shoot your own video:- As a part of the course, candidates will make their own digital project and carry their film work in a DVD on the last day.

  • Camera / Models/ Edit suite etc. will be made available to the students for their short film as part the course.

  • Certified Film Maker (CFM) Certificate will be issued to all successful Candidates on the last day

   At the end of this 5–day course, the participants will learn the following concepts and achieve the deliverables stated below:

  • Excellent course material

  • Script Writing

  • Budgeting

  • Scheduling

  • Production Management

  • Casting techniques

  • Introduction to Film Making Equipments

  • Camera handling and operations

  • Lighting Techniques

  • Sound recording and mixing

  • Directing the Cast

  • Editing (Adobe or AVID or FCP)

  • Your own sample film project on DVD to carry home

  • Working Stills

  • Templates

  • Membership to Digital Filmmaker's club.

  • Certified Film Maker (CFM) certificate.

  • Opportunity to participate in IIFM's/IDM's live Film projects.

  • Opportunity to participate in IIFM's/IDM's short film festivals.

  • Books for reference.

  • Access to IIFM's/IDM's strong library book bank (150 books) for 1 year.

Click to see Detailed Course Contents

What to bring:

   Come empty handed and open minded. Return home with your sample digital film project on  DVD/CD.

Facilities Provided:

   All the participants will provided one set of the following shooting equipments on the 5th day only to form a team and make their own Ad Film or Sitcom/Talk show/Game show Short Film or any other 2 to 5 min project.

  • Camera

  • Lights

  • Post production suite.

  • Models/artists

  • Set/Location

  • Technicians/Crew members

  • Faculty Assistance

Duration:  5 Day (9.00 AM to 9.00 PM)

Date:  To be scheduled.

Food and Beverages:

     Lunch/snacks/Tea & Coffee will be provided for all 5 days.

Digital Film Makers Club:

    All registered workshop students will be given an opportunity to become a member of the digital film makers club for first one year free of cost. This club mainly consists of independent and professional film makers who will be interested and happy to share their experiences with other members to advance the profession of film making.

Course Fee: 45,000 + 12.36% ST

Guest House Accommodation:

     Guest House accommodation can be provided to outstation candidates upon request @ Rs. 900 - 1400/- per day for Single bedroom A/C. The guest house is situated at the next street to IIFM/IDM.

Educational Qualification:

    Any associate or bachelor degree or diploma or higher secondary.


    Only creative thinking is required.

    Come empty handed, go with your own DVD at the end of 5th day.

Medium of Instruction


Workshop Certificate:

     All participants will awarded with the five day "Fast Track Film Making Course" certificate.


     The course will be moderated/facilitated/conducted by Mr.O.Arivazhagan, a Certified Film Director and Producer from Hollywood Film Institute, Los Angels, USA and Certified Project Management Professional from PMI, USA.

He has to his credit as director/producer/creative director the following titles:


1. Nodigalil
2. Valaivu
3. Saathuryam - A Digital Feature Film under Production.
4. The Perfect Knot
5. Paarvaigal Palavitham
6. Thalayanai Manthiram

TV Shows:

1. Sollathan Ninaikiren

Ad Films:

1. IIPM Educational Ad
2. Event Management Services
3. Madhus Family Restaurant
4. Soft Drinks - Fresh Today

Affiliation to Associations:

1. Member, Film and Television Producers Guild of South India
2. Member, Television Directors Association
3. Member, South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce

Opportunity to work on a live Film Project:

     Select meritorious students/participants will be given an opportunity to work in any of  a live ongoing Ad film/Short film/Telefilm/TV Serial/Feature Film. IIFM/IDM is currently producing the digital feature film titled “Saathuryam” in which select participants may get an opportunity to work as Assistant Director/Assistant Cameraman /Assistant Script Writer/Set Assistant /Production Assistant etc as deemed fit by the Producer/Director/Faculty.

Rush your enquires to:
Suite # 203, Kassim Plaza, # 19, Dhandapani Street, T Nagar, Ch – 17.
Ph : Sangeeta : 9840896018 / 9842686509.
Email: director@iifmchennai.com , marketing@idm-madras.com , marketing@iifmchennai.com

Course Contents:

The course covers the following topics:

Part 1: Introduction

1.   A Short History of Filmmaking

2. An Overview of Film Genres

3. Basic Elements of Films and

Part 2: Pre- Production

5. Developing the Script

6. Script Breakdown and Shooting Schedule

7. The Budget

8. Hiring the Cast and Crew

9. Planning the Shoot

Part 3: Production

10 Directing the Crew

11. Directing Actors

12. Shoot the Script(1 to 2 days)

13. Dealing with Production Problems

Part 4: Post-Production

14. Preparing to Edit

15. Editing the Rough Cut

16. Fine-Tuning the Film

17. Finishing the Film or Video

18. Completing Other Post-Production Tasks

Part 5: Marketing/Financing/Distributing your Film

Part 6: Film Festivals

Part 7: Templates for reference


For any further clarification/information about the course,
contact director@iifmchennai.com or Ms. Sangeetha at +91 44 42641401/24359078/42071124.
or Mr. Selvan at +91 9842686509.

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